World Renowned Studio Designer Jan Morel has incorporated his unique style with the best of Artnovion’s technology.

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Vector | Absorbers

Absorption coefficient


Recommended for:
Studios | Recording rooms

Absorption range:
250 Hz to 4000 Hz

Acoustic Class:
C | (αw) = 0,7

Vector is one of the two first brand new design collaborations between Jan Morel and Artnovion. Made for modern and bold studio designs, Vector is a combination of Jan Morel unique design and Artnovion’s quality manufacturing and highly-performance techniques.
For Vector we brought together the best of two worlds. Vector is the first ever addition to our range that combines a wooden front with a fabric backing.

Jan Morel Signature line

Mid-High absorption

Available fire rates:
FG | Furniture Grade
FR | Improved Fire Rate

FG: 595x1190x58mm
FR+: 595x1190x60mm

The synergy

Jan Morel and Artnovion create the perfect symbioses between unique, stunning designs and high-quality acoustic solutions. Every project led by Jan entails full commitment and focus on details, common points to the Artnovion philosophy, embodied in the Jan Morel signature acoustic panels, brought to life by Artnovion.
Jan Morel can shape your dreams, Artnovion can make them come true.

Vector Doble V W - Absorber


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Acoustic performance:

Absorption range | 250Hz to 4000Hz

Acoustic class | C (αw) | 0,7(M)


FG: 595x1190x58mm

FR+: 595x1190x60mm


Finishing Material: 

MDF Lacquer - FG  (Furniture grade)

MDF Lacquer - FR+ (Improved Fire Rate)

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Disclaimer: When using FixArt Tube on the ceiling, it is obligatory to use the FixArt Lock security device. This system guarantees a safe and precise installation. Artnovion is not liable for any damage caused by improper use of FixArt Tube.


Available Finishes:

Fabric Front