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A true piece of acoustic artwork

A true piece of acoustic artwork.

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Kit Mobile Wall

Mobile acoustic treatment, tailored to your taste

Artnovion offers a wide range of high-performance absorbers and a vast selection of finishes, not only in terms of colours but also materials. The Kit Mobile Wall is designed to allow you to adapt any FixArt Tube compatible panel into a mobile wall and allow for full panel configuration customisation to achieve the best acoustic results while also providing the perfect combination of finishes, ensuring seamless integration with the aesthetics of your space.

Perfect for enthusiasts who want a continuous theme with their walls or want a personalised mobile solution. With an easy mounting system using our patented FixArt system, the Fixart tube kit is perfect for dual-purpose rooms, configurable auditoriums, or creating an artificial wall in your studio.

Artnovion Patent P. ( Acoustic panel with integrated frame system) & Frame design
Artnovion Patent P. ( Acoustic panel with Tube Fixing System)


Base | 591x327x285mm
Kit Mobile Wall | 595x2082x285mm


- Marine Grade Plywood
- Lacquered (available in Black or White finish)

- Inox

Panels not included in the Kit

Kit Mobile Wall


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