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Mobile Producer Kit

A set of mobile acoustic solutions to create a controlled environment that allows you to work from home without compromising the quality of your output.

Mobile Home Office Kit

A mobile kit designed to reduce the room’s reverberation time and lower background noise - giving you new privacy and creating a buffer from the rest of the room or house.

Mobile Bass Trap Kit

Tame your low end without disturbing your room. A mobile wall to mount Artnovion’s patented TDPA bass traps anywhere in your space.

Panelling Range

The Artnovion Panelling range of acoustic treatment solutions is designed to cater to the acoustic requirements of public spaces. Every panel is equipped with a high-performance acoustic core made entirely from recycled PET plastic.

Project Support.

Welcome to Artnovion’s project support form. This form is a tool designed to assist professionals plan and configure acoustic treatment projects.

Artnovion on Netflix

The new Netflix series - Skylines - takes you on an incredible journey into the modern hip-hop scene in a set of world class production studios staring cutting-edge Artnovion acoustic treatment.