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The Evolution of Diffusion


Specifically designed to bond to acoustic foam and EPS

GlueArt 3.0 is a polymer-based glue specifically designed by Artnovion to bond to acoustic foam, PET, and EPS. It is applicable to a vast range of surfaces, including cement, painted surfaces, stone, wallpaper, plasterboard, wood, chipboard, PVC, expanded plastic, mineral fibres, and metal.

GlueArt 3.0 is especially easy to use, glueing lighter Artnovion acoustic panels practically instantly and initiating adhesion in heavier panels within just 10 minutes, albeit requiring initial support. Bonding with a safety factor of over 10.

Installation Procedure:

1. Clean the surface and make sure it is dry and free of dust and grease.
2. Using a sealant gun apply adhesive to the back of the panel; for highly irregular surfaces, apply adhesive to both the panel and the target surface.
3. Place the panel on the wall in the correct position and apply pressure.


Panels heavier than 3kg should be mounted using it’s recommended Artnovion fixing system.



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