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The Red Lady Studios

Appropriately named “The Red Lady”, in captivating bright red, this studio is a perfect canvas to unleash creativity


The Island Studio by Jan Morel

The best sound. No compromise.

The Evolution of Diffusion

FixArt Tube ceiling Lock

Versatile panel ceiling mounting

Safety is a core value at Artnovion. With this in mind, we designed the FixArt tube Lock. FixArt Lock is a security device, to be used with FixArt Tube for ceiling installation. it is crucial to use this device on ceiling installation, due to effects of temperature variations on the fixart tube clips. The FixArt Lock is very simple to install, and facilitates installing other features, such as cover plates to hide the panels’ fixing system.






Panels with Standard Frame
FixArt Tube ceiling Lock:

  - 64 Locks per box + 64 screws 

  - Installs 32 standard panels  or 16 Doble panels