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The Red Lady Studios

Appropriately named “The Red Lady”, in captivating bright red, this studio is a perfect canvas to unleash creativity


The Island Studio by Jan Morel

The best sound. No compromise.

The Evolution of Diffusion

FixArt Foam

Mechanical Fixing System

Artnovion FixArt Foam brings versatile solutions to panel mounting. With the customer’s needs in focus, we developed a reliable, simple, universal system to install panels.
Engineered for foam absorbers like Agad, Thor, and Athos F, FixArt Foam serves as a bridge between chemical and mechanical interfaces. It is designed to preserve your walls while offering a robust alternative to adhering panels directly. Ideal for temporary setups or rented spaces, it simplifies installation: just glue your foam panel onto the provided board and hang it securely from screws on your wall or ceiling.


- Each box contains 5 FixArt Foam and 1 tube of GlueArt, that install 5 panels (panel size 595x595 mm)
- This system is compatible with flat foam panels (Agad, Thor, Myron E, etc.)

FixArt Foam


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