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FixArt Clip

Versatile Panel Mounting

FixArt Clip is a safe, simple and the cheapest mechanical fixing system compatible with the Artnovion absorber range that allows for easy panel clipping and removal.

Using Artnovions' patented frame, FixArt Clip simply slots into a hidden groove on the rear of the product. An additional flange allows you to place an additional security screw for ceiling installation or simply for added safety. Once installed, you can adjust the bracket to get perfect alignment.

The product is available in two finishes - Galvanised steel (FixArt Metal) and sleek black plastic (FixArt Plastic).
FixArt Plastic is recommended for standard installations, while FixArt Metal complies with public sector building specifications and fire regulations.


FixArt Clip Metal | 200x47x57mm
FixArt Clip Plastic | 200x47x57mm


FixArt Clip
- Metal
- Plastic

Explanation videos

FixArt Clip, Single Panel Installation
FixArt Clip,Two Panels Installation
FixArt Clip, Lock System



- The product is supplied with a template that marks all the necessary screw positions.
- Each box of FixArt Clip has 16 brackets, that install 8 Absorber panels.

FixArt Clip



FG | 200x47x57mm


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