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Panelling - Metal Side Cover


The aesthetic aspect plays a crucial role in acoustic panel installation, as it enhances the overall ambiance. Concealing fixing systems not only maintains visual appeal but also contributes to a seamless and professional installation of acoustic panels.
Panelling Metal Side Cover is designed to conceal the fixing system of panelling installs. It screws directly into the panelling battens and is available in the same sizes as panelling products.

Panelling Metal Side Cover is sold in either a Matte black or Matte white finish. Upon request, custom RAL colours are also available.


Panelling Metal Side Cover | 800x44x2mm
Panelling Metal Side Cover | 1184x44x2mm


Panelling Metal Side Cover
- Metal

- Suitable only for lateral use
- Only compatible with Panelling Range

Panelling - Metal Side Cover



FR | 1184x44x2mm


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