Shaping your acoustic environment.

Lyra, a sustainable material with exceptional acoustic properties

Creating perfect
acoustics anywhere.

Engineering emotional experiences.

Komodo, efficient absorption panel with a 2D pattern

Sustainable Premium Acoustics.

Altay, made from recycled PET

K Frame

Effortless installation, seamless integration.

Designed to boost performance and streamline installation, K Frame is an accessory for Siena K Absorber.

This Modular frame greatly speeds up the installation process, with a simple clip-in joinery system, that provides a stable base to screw Siena K.
The frame also comes with an additional acoustic core that boosts mid-low frequency absorption to create an exceptional broadband acoustic absorber.

Designed for both Siena K 24 and 27 sizes, K frame also comes in two different widths, for single or double panel installation.
Available in a matte black finish.


K Frame | 605x2400x30mm / 605x2700x30mm
K Frame | 1210x2400x30mm / 1210x2700x30mm



K Frame (FG)
- HMDF Structural Frame
- Acoustic Foam

K Frame (FR)
- HMDF Structural Frame
- Sound PET acoustic core - Euro Class B

K Frame



FR | 605x2400x30mm

FG | 605x2400x30mm

Fixing Systems

Available Finishes:

(FR) Product Fire Grade - Fire Rated (FG) Product Fire Grade - Furniture Grade

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