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A true piece of acoustic artwork

A true piece of acoustic artwork.

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FixArt Tube Lock

Versatile Panel Ceiling Mounting

Safety is a core value at Artnovion. With this in mind, we designed the FixArt Tube Lock.
FixArt Lock is a security device designed to be used with FixArt Tube for ceiling installations.
FixArt Tube Lock’s necessity arises from the impact of temperature fluctuations on FixArt Tube clips, making its usage crucial for horizontal installations.

Thanks to the robustness of our products, mainly Artnovion Absorbers, the FixArt Tube Lock ensures that product quality does not need to be compromised for ceiling installation.
While being simple to install. FixArt Tube Lock also facilitates installing other features, due to its precise perforations, it allows for an easy application of design on site solutions like side covers to hide the panels’ fixing system.


FixArt Tube Lock Metal | 30,5x32x29mm
FixArt Tube Lock Plastic | 30,5x32x29mm


FixArt Tube Lock
- Metal
- Plastic

- Compatible with FixArt Tube
- 64 Locks per box + 64 screws
- Installs 32 standard panels or 16 Doble panels

FixArt Tube Lock



FG | 30x32x29mm


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