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FixArt Metal

Versatile panel mounting

Artnovion FixArt range brings versatile solutions for panel mounting. With the customer in mind, we developed a reliable, simple, universal system to install panels.


FixArt Metal was conceived to supply a reliable fixing system for our absorber range, compliant with public sector building and fire regulations. Simply mark the various fixing points with oursupplied template and screw the bracket to the wall, then bend the adjusting arms and simply clip the panel in place. With an easy clip in and out, redesigning your room ambience has never been easier. 


Artnovion Patent ( Acoustic panel with integrated frame system) & Frame design  


Quantity per Box:

 - 16 metalic brackets + template    

 - Installs: 8 panels   



Artnovion Tools | Quantity Calculator (on download files).

 FixArt Metal Quantity Calculator - Only works on Adobe Reader 



For further details please download our tehcnical file.  

Explanation videos